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Make-up Monday: Stash

When embarking on a new project (i.e. declaring Monday a day I’ll talk about make up), it’s good to do an inventory first. So here is an inventory of my cosmetics and skincare.


Mineral foundation, finishing powder, concealer and blush.
For the eyes.
Brushes and brush cleaner
For the lips
Forgot. Eyeliner and zit gel.
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Author: Georgette Tan

writer . poet . introvert . NSFW hand letterer . equatorial eclectic


  1. Hey Gette!

    I guess we are pretty much the same, I mean having the same taste buying drugstore stuff. Why not hopping to my blog for I have made review for stuff under RM50 and affordable compared to M.A.C. thanks.

  2. Of all your recent entries I have chosen to comment on this one, something must be wrong with me.
    Anyway, I loved garnier products to bits when I was in Perth. They make hair gels that smell like fresh fruits, not those artificial chemical-mixed smells, but strong, fresh fruity smell that you think the hair gel is actually edible !!
    Seeing your garniers just reminded me of those times ahahah

  3. Hi Gette: Lovely stash you have there! Happy New Year to you girl! The only problem I have with eye make up is that I never seem to be able to finish using them up before the URGE to buy another (similar) set of colours comes in. What is your advice on this? I hate throwing usable eye makeup away and yet….. sigh. Which probably shows how rare I use eye make up! ;-)

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