Books – January 2010

Simon Tofield – Simon’s Cat Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Patrick Ness – The Ask and The Answer Book buys were minimal over December and perhaps it’s too early to post about January buys but since I’m on a roll with this scheduled post thingy, here we are. Simon’s Cat is the comic book of the YouTube sensation of the same name. I could have just stood

Crafterday: Notebooks

Here’s a simple tutorial to make your own notebooks out of recycled paper. This is a great way to reuse the one-sided printouts that we tend to accumulate, especially if we work in an office. Ingredients: A stack of one-sided printouts with a blank side Heavy card or cardboard for backing. Think cereal boxes, Post Express envelopes, etc. Pretty paper, postcards or even photographs for cover White glue Clothes pegs

Orange Dusk

Just before 7pm on Sunday evening, the entire world outside went orange. I have no idea why. We went outside to stare at the sky but the sun was not in sight, just clouds still full of rain and wringing what’s left in them upon the sodden city. But everything outside was bathed in orange, like you’re wearing orange-tinted glasses. It was over in minutes. I shot this in my