Books – January 2010

Simon Tofield – Simon’s Cat
Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Patrick Ness – The Ask and The Answer

Book buys were minimal over December and perhaps it’s too early to post about January buys but since I’m on a roll with this scheduled post thingy, here we are.

Simon’s Cat is the comic book of the YouTube sensation of the same name. I could have just stood in the book store and finished it several times over, so I don’t know why I sank RM55 into getting it. Uhm, but I went through it 5 times already.

The other two books are sequels that I decided to follow. The Hunger Games cost me a night of sleep because I made the mistake of picking it up at 3am. It only makes me wanna reread both books again now. I think I might just read the first book of Chaos Walking before starting on the new one. It was a difficult but rewarding book to read, but I don’t really remember the details now.

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