Books – February 2010

Paul Sussman – The Hidden Oasis Seth Godin – Linchpin Diane Carwell & Jonathan Sutherland – Ghosts of the World February was a month of great cleaning, and a few casualties included my books. But moving old books I’m not crazy about opens up space for new books that could be or are great. A friend was also thinning out her library and let me pick out books that I want. I

Project Snip-Snip: The End, finally

It took me a stupid long time to get the money over to SSPCA, but I finally did last week. The final total is RM900. You’re seeing a RM850 above because the final RM50 is from Dona from SSPCA, who decided that she wanted to contribute. So there you go. My thanks to everyone who donated, participated in the auction and spread the word. Now that I finally got this

Heart of the Tiger

As businesses go nuts trying to juggle both CNY and Valentine’s, let me wish you a safe and lovely festive season. Remember, if you blast off a limb and shoot out an eye playing fireworks, I’ll be the first to nominate you for the Malaysian Darwin Awards under the category of “Exemplary (Failed) Effort in Eradicating Self From Gene Pool”. If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day too, please remember that whatever you