Clearing up the To Read folder

I have a ‘To Read’ bookmark folder on my browser. This is where I dump links to pages I find on my RSS reader that I want to read but don’t have the time of attention span to do so when I find it. Like most dumps, it starts to get a little full at some point. Taking a page from the GTD gurus, I will be processing these links

The Year Without Combs

With the ‘Go Balder Than Ever‘ event a mere one and a half months away, I thought I’d recap my hair (or lack of) in photos after last year’s ‘Go Bald’. Please note that I did go for regular trims over the year. My hairdresser saw me more often in this stage than when I grew my hair out. There are about 30 photos under this cut, most of them

Go Balder Than Ever

Guess who’s doing it again this year? Now give me your money*. * unless it’s over RM500, then you’ll have to write a cheque out to ‘Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society’.

West Side Story or bust

West Side Story: 50th Anniversary World Tour is coming to KL on May 12-24. I’ve already got a ticket for the May 18 show and plane tickets to KL. Despite my long silence on this blog, I feel the need to talk about what West Side Story and what it means to me. Back in the early 90’s, a publishing house released something called ‘The Musicals Collection’, with West Side


Every time I update my blog layout, it usually involves getting rid of more and more things in the sidebar or blog itself. The layout this time is Frugal 2.2. I don’t think it’s available for free any more, but I saw it some time back and installed it for future updates. I’m not sure how more minimalist it can get if I decide to remove the ‘Handmade Pledge’ badge.