The Year Without Combs

With the ‘Go Balder Than Ever‘ event a mere one and a half months away, I thought I’d recap my hair (or lack of) in photos after last year’s ‘Go Bald’. Please note that I did go for regular trims over the year. My hairdresser saw me more often in this stage than when I grew my hair out.

There are about 30 photos under this cut, most of them low res webcam photos for my Facebook profile photo in almost-chronological order from Feb 2009 to April 2010.

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Author: Georgette Tan

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  1. I like your photos. Didn’t realise them as much before but when they’re all together like this, they’re very pretty. I love the one with the lions. We’ll show you to Athena again after you’ve gone bald. See how she reacts this time round :D

  2. bald or no bald what matter the most is doing it for the good cause, right? congrats and keep it up.

    ps-i love your bungai terong necklace pendant, where did you get it btw?

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