Books – June 2010

June is only halfway through so I may be jumping the gun by posting my book list so soon. But I have sooo many books to read this month! Yoko Ogawa – Hotel Iris Patrick Suskind – Perfume Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita Yoko Ogawa have two other books translated into English, The Housekeeper + The Professor and The Diving Pool. TH+TP was a beautiful book. TDP was slightly disturbing, but

Delizze @ Premiere 101

Shin Yi and I went to check out Delizze at Premiere 101. It’s that corner place with the giant banner hanging on the side of the building for so long, we didn’t think it was gonna happen. Didn’t take a great deal of photos because someone else will do it anyway; I just felt like photographing food. Delizze is part deli and bakery, and part restaurant. Over in the bakery