Books – June 2010

June is only halfway through so I may be jumping the gun by posting my book list so soon. But I have sooo many books to read this month!

Yoko Ogawa – Hotel Iris
Patrick Suskind – Perfume
Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita

Yoko Ogawa have two other books translated into English, The Housekeeper + The Professor and The Diving Pool. TH+TP was a beautiful book. TDP was slightly disturbing, but in a way that I enjoyed. This new book? An absorbing read but quite R rated. Don’t buy this based on your evaluation of TH+TP. Hotel Iris has the same writing style but takes it to a whole different place.

The other two books are titles I’ve been wanting to own and read, and Popular had a sales.

The next part of this post is on books I borrowed:

Jane Austin & Seth Grahame-Smith – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Malcolm Gladwell – What The Dog Saw
Nicholas Sparks – The Last Song
Robert Harris – The Ghost Writer

Murakami – Kafka on the Shore
John Gorgan – Marley & Me
Mitch Albom – The Five People You Meet In Heaven

I’m not sure if I’ll finish most of these before I have to give them back. I picked most of these title with two things in mind: (a) books/authors I’m not sure of and want to try; (b) books I’ll only read once. The only exception is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I’m dying to read since Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but cannot find.

The Last Song is supposed to be Miley Cyrus’ vehicle to Hollywood stardom, but I don’t know if it worked. I’ll not likely watch the movie, but I liked the book. Sparks always makes me cry like hell.

Robert Harris always catches my eye in the book store because I love Thomas Harris (of The Hannibal Trilogy). Turns out that I like his style as well and won’t mind picking up some of his novels in the future. Just not this month.

Am currently reading Malcolm Gladwell. This breakout book Blink didn’t impress me very much, but this one is a compilation of his well-researched articles on various topics.

Wish me luck in trying not to pick up a new book before next month!

ETA, 14 June:
I forgot. I called dibs on some second hand books a week or so ago. Here they are:

Sarah Dessen – Someone Like You / Keeping The Moon
Sarah Dessen – This Lullaby
Susanna Kaysen – Girl, Interrupted

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  1. Hi Gette: I saw you as the Featured Blogger on Had to come visit ya. Have been so missing from all my friends’ blogs due to business and all that. I have not read Lolita at all. It sounds so intriguing! I am like you – or rather, all bookworms are alike. We go into a bookstore and have a super rush and everything is like candy to us. I was at Borders just this week and resisted buying yet another book to fill the bulging bookshelves. I love Malcolm Gladwell and I just read What the Dog Saw. It’s brilliant. He makes all the mundane so extraordinary. He digs and digs like a bloodhound and unearths all the things you’ve never even thought about. I’ve been reading lots of business books lately so my fiction list is pretty dismal. I am bouncing between Somerset Maugham’s short stories and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. I itch to pick up Jodi Picoult!

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