Delizze @ Premiere 101

Shin Yi and I went to check out Delizze at Premiere 101. It’s that corner place with the giant banner hanging on the side of the building for so long, we didn’t think it was gonna happen. Didn’t take a great deal of photos because someone else will do it anyway; I just felt like photographing food.

Delizze is part deli and bakery, and part restaurant. Over in the bakery is a a selection of various gourmet breads, pastry and cakes. The deli has things like salami and ham, as well as salads (ready-made) and sandwiches to go. The croissant sandwiches look pretty generous and are below RM5. The mini pies are about RM3 and the raisin danish I got was RM1.50. Very reasonable. Also quite delish.

The restaurant section probably needs a bit more work and time, unless you’re willing to put up with slow service and unavailability of certain items. Here’s part of what we ordered (since I forgot to photograph the cream of chicken soup):

Above is the Roasted Beef Sandwich and below is Pasta Marinara. You have the option of medium or well done for the beef (I picked well done), and fettuccine or penne for the pasta (SY picked fettuccine).

The presentation of the pasta was surprisingly messy for a place so posh. I’m not particularly fond of the salty metallic flavour but this is not the first time I tasted it. I suspect I’m just not really into tomato-based pasta at the moment.

The Roasted Beef Sandwich was unremarkable until you add the black pepper sauce. Then the flavour really pops and makes it worth your money.

Drinks selection are of standard western concept restaurant range.

I walked out of the place with the receipt but managed to lose it. The pasta was about RM18 and the sandwich about RM12.

Delizze is halal, so the salami and ham and stuff are of the non-porky variety. However, Butcher’s Kiosk is just in the next block…

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  1. Gette! We must go back for the ready made sammiches and salads! Next week! :D :D

    And then back to your place to pig out AND have VERY ROCKY ROAD (if there is any left by then)! Hahaha

    P/S I just had coffee hence the ! overload.

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