Delizze @ Premiere 101, Take 2

I’m getting a lot of hits for my last post on Delizze at Premiere 101. I have to admit it’s one of my favourite places to go grab a takeaway lunch, although you still need a little more patience with their restaurant side. Today wasn’t too bad though. They have at least three more waiting staff during lunch and we didn’t have to wait as long as we did the

An Offering

I tend to let music run in the background until something gets my attention. In this case, it was this bunch of lines, which I don’t think I’ve heard anyone verbalise so well: If you give me half a chance I’ll prove this to you I will be patient, kind, faithful and true To a man who loves music A man who loves art Respects the spirit world And thinks

Perfume Stories

A few months ago, I bagged the last gift pack for Lancome’s Magnifique at Riverside Majestic’s Lancome counter. It contained a 30ml bottle, a 5ml vial and a glittery pink lip gloss. The blurb for the perfume is as follows: Audacious. Passionate. Utterly Magnifique. The fragrance that celebrates her vibrant femininity, her joie de vivre. Infused with the spicy impertinence of saffron, the warmth of roses and the smoky embrace


You know it’s meant to be when you decide to walk into Aussino to see what kind of sheets they have in stock, immediately see something you want, and then find that they have a generous discount for members AND it’s the last day of their extremely quiet sale. I only buy bed linen once every few years, usually when the current two in rotation starts showing wear and tear.

Perfect Fit

After we came out of Ta Kiong this afternoon, Fariah and I were approached by a promoter for Libresse, a new sanitary napkin that have only been in the market for two months. The lady asked us if we heard of it and I said no, mainly because I’ve been using cloth pads I got from Tiny Tapir most of this year. We found out that Libresse is from the