Perfect Fit

After we came out of Ta Kiong this afternoon, Fariah and I were approached by a promoter for Libresse, a new sanitary napkin that have only been in the market for two months. The lady asked us if we heard of it and I said no, mainly because I’ve been using cloth pads I got from Tiny Tapir most of this year.

We found out that Libresse is from the makers of Pampers, at which Fariah turns to me and said, “It’s adult Pampers!”

But hey, it’s free shit (pun not intended) so I traded in my privacy and received a box of samples. They also had a personality quiz, which we both took, and were rewarded with a print out “bookmark” with our results on it.

I’m a Melancholic, which means I’m depressed but creative, classy but suspicious. Fariah took one look at my card and burst out laughing.

“No wonder we’re such good friends!” she said.

Not surprisingly, she’s a Choleric and the quiz is right about us being bosom buddies. We strolled off with our pad samples and our cards, knowing that we didn’t need a quiz to tell us what we already knew but it’s nice to be acknowledged by a machine anyway.

Author: Georgette Tan

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