No Spend September

Coming across No Spend Month over at Small Notebook was timely. I thought I was doing pretty well getting my spending and saving under control but I fell off the wagon big time the last couple of months. I’m going to Hanoi and KL in October, and I’m still paying off my credit card bills from the last KL trip. Very bad! I managed to put away a small amount

Work, Fitness & Balance

There was something in the June 2010 issue of Marie Claire Malaysia that struck a very loud chord with me. An article called’ Global Energy’ by Tan Lee Kuen talked about what six women from around the world do to stay healthy and preserve their well-being. One of the women is a nutritional therapist Alia Almoayed from Bahrain, who said something that stuck with me although I only glanced through

The edge of my emotions

This is what I’m listening to on infinite loop this weekend. And since I’m a pop culture retard, I only gathered who all the people in the video are based on comments here and there. :P I also heart the dorky cute guy look. Lyrics under the cut.

Books – August 2010

Left Pile: Richard Adams – Maia Martin Hocke – The Lost Domain Tad Williams – Tailchaser’s Song Brian Jacques – Triss Brian Jacques – Mariel of Redwall Brian Jacques – The Outcast of Redwall Brian Jacques – Taggerung Brian Jacques – Mattimeo Centre: Orson Scott Card – Past Watch Barbara Ann Porte – Hearsay: Strange Tales from the Middle Kingdom Right Pile: Rachel Ward – Numbers Rachel Ward – Numbers

Here I Fell Asleep

Despite my ‘don’t buy me stuff’ rule, my friends still manage to pick up awesome little things for me during their travels. This bookmark was from Joyce, who nailed two of my loves in one item that doesn’t take up much space except where it matters. Certainly something all bedtime readers can relate to, and with a frog to sweeten things. Thanks, Joyce. :-)