Books – August 2010

Left Pile:
Richard Adams – Maia
Martin Hocke – The Lost Domain
Tad Williams – Tailchaser’s Song
Brian Jacques – Triss
Brian Jacques – Mariel of Redwall
Brian Jacques – The Outcast of Redwall
Brian Jacques – Taggerung
Brian Jacques – Mattimeo

Orson Scott Card – Past Watch
Barbara Ann Porte – Hearsay: Strange Tales from the Middle Kingdom

Right Pile:
Rachel Ward – Numbers
Rachel Ward – Numbers 2
Keith R Lindsay – In The End
Vikas Swarup – Six Suspects
Tabitha King & Michael McDowell – Candles Burning
Dean Koontz – The Taking
Dean Koontz – Odd Thomas
Margaret Atwood – The Handmaiden’s Tale
David Hewson – A Season for the Dead

Ya, really.

Everything except the two Numbers books and Six Suspects came from the Crown Square Book Fair earlier this month. The damage is a little over RM200. I’m officially not buying any more books for the rest of this month and at least for the next three months… unless the third Hunger Games book gets here this year.

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