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Kuching Festival 2010

Coz we totally need another blogger posting about something that’s been done to death by now. Well, this post is mostly going to be photos, with minimal commentary, because I am determined to use my new Canon EOS 500D for something other than work.

There’s always a lot of things to shoot at the Kuching Festival. Although I swear every year that I won’t go, I end up having to go anyway because of work. This year haven’t taken me there yet, but I did want to shoot and eat something.

Yeah, pun probably intended.

One of the things I wanted to try is the durian puff and crepe. Maggie and I ended up buying the crepe but the puff (below) was probably a better choice, especially if you eat it immediately. I do have a photo of the crepe being eaten by Maggie, but such indecency is best reserved for Facebook.

Thanks to Wil for sharing the puffs. Here’s Maggie (clutching our crepes) and Wil (must smell before eat) in front of the durian dessert stall.

The following are a few random snaps before resuming my minimal commentary.

On the way out, we happened upon a map of the grounds and found that they do have dragon beard candy. Dragon beard candy is the one thing I always pick up at Kuching Festival but completely forgot about because we didn’t see it. After guesstimating its location, we set off to look for it.

…with little avail.

But we ended up in the games section, where there were more food stalls, and figure we’ll stumble upon it at some point. Maggie decides that she wants to do some shooting of her own.

She didn’t win anything, even if she was wearing my glasses after this.

We did eventually find the dragon beard candy but I forgot to take a photo of the stall. Here it is with half the packet eaten. We were chatting non-stop up to the point Maggie opened the packet and handed one to me. When it went into our mouths, they were just glued shut until half of it is gone.

I suppose you can call it a good end to a day off.

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