No Spend September

Coming across No Spend Month over at Small Notebook was timely. I thought I was doing pretty well getting my spending and saving under control but I fell off the wagon big time the last couple of months.

I’m going to Hanoi and KL in October, and I’m still paying off my credit card bills from the last KL trip. Very bad!

I managed to put away a small amount of spending money for Hanoi and briefly considered throwing it at my credit cards to make the debt go away. But I decided that what I saved should simply not be touched for any other reason.

But for now, I have two salaries to go before I go on holiday, and a fairly decent chance of killing off those bills first.

So September onwards, I’m limited to the essentials only, so I expected to spend a lot of time alone at home with my past spending sins to keep me company.

You might have noticed that I’ve not included family in this project. I live with my parents, so I don’t have to worry about rent, utility bills and such. And my parents are already pretty damn good at being frugal. I just have to look out for myself.

That’s my objective. Here are the details.


RM450, or RM15 a day.

Which includes:

  • Eating out, which is impossible to avoid completely because of work.
  • Entertainment, which I’m really good at thoughtlessly doing.
  • Groceries & household items

Does not include:

  • Bills
  • Savings
  • Insurance
  • Work expenses, which includes petrol
  • Health/Fitness expenses

Absolutely not buying:

  • Books or magazines
  • Clothes

There we go. I’ll update as I go along.


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