No Spend September – Week 3

Week 3: Sept 15-21, 2010 Budget: RM105 = RM15/day Actual: RM86.90 I’m pleased to report that there wasn’t an epic fail this week. Maybe just a RM2 regret, but who’s counting? The sandwich in the above photo is what my typical lunch looks like. It’s called the Special Giant Croissant Sandwich which I picked up from Delizze. It’s totally worth the money because it usually becomes two meals for me. The

Car accident

On my day off a couple of weeks ago, my car got rear-ended by a pick-up truck at the intersection at Tabuan Jaya. I was the first car, stopping because traffic was still heading my way when I got there. By the time the driver behind me pulled up, traffic cleared. She kept going, and I was still there. It was a good thing the traffic did clear, because her

No Spend September – Week 2

Week 2: Sept 8-14, 2010 Budget: RM105 = RM15/day Actual: RM92.70 Remember how I said I’m good at thoughtlessly spending on entertainment? Yup. In the middle of a game trance on the first day of the second week, I went and bought a casual pack at RM31. Yes, I enjoyed the game I was playing. The purchase wasn’t ideal and isn’t something I want to keep doing, but once next

No Spend September – Week 1

Week 1: Sept 1-7, 2010 Budget: RM105 = RM15/day Actual: RM105.85 Let me start my No Spend September (NSS) updates with my epic fail of the week. A McValue meal comes at the lovely price tag of RM12 something. I’m gonna round it off at RM13. And then I ordered the Groovy Lime Sunday, which bumped up the price tag to about RM17. To add to the irony, this was

Don’t Want An Ending

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider are my YouTube heroes. After dozens of reinterpretations of popular hits and watching Sam sing with six other copies of himself, here’s their first original song!