No Spend September – Week 1

Week 1: Sept 1-7, 2010

Budget: RM105 = RM15/day
Actual: RM105.85

Let me start my No Spend September (NSS) updates with my epic fail of the week.

A McValue meal comes at the lovely price tag of RM12 something. I’m gonna round it off at RM13. And then I ordered the Groovy Lime Sunday, which bumped up the price tag to about RM17. To add to the irony, this was at 11.00pm on a day when I managed not to spend a cent.

Regardless, I spent much less than I usually do in a week and that alone is an accomplishment. I did fairly all right most of the time, being able to keep my spending limited to around RM15. I had days where I went over by a few bucks, but I compensate by spending less the next day.

Knowing that I have a daily budget of RM15 didn’t really make me want to spend less. It made me think about what I’d rather be spending it on. Will it be a fancy RM4 drink or Chinese tea at RM1? (Getting mineral water is often more expensive.) A cheap meal and snacks later, or no snacks after a meal I’ll really enjoy?

How did I spend my free time? There’s mostly a lot of my usual computer time and a lot more reading than usual. But I’m actually getting bored of reading. In the coming week, I’m gonna try to balance the reading with some creative writing.

There are a number of purchases I could have done without but even with that, I only went over my week’s budget by 85 sen. I’m mean, WHO’S COUNTING A COUPLE OF SENS, RIGHT? NOT ME.

I was gonna say “Hopefully I’ll do better next week” but I know I already committed my epic fail for Week 2. Possibly for the whole month.

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