No Spend September – Week 2

Week 2: Sept 8-14, 2010

Budget: RM105 = RM15/day

Remember how I said I’m good at thoughtlessly spending on entertainment?

Yup. In the middle of a game trance on the first day of the second week, I went and bought a casual pack at RM31. Yes, I enjoyed the game I was playing. The purchase wasn’t ideal and isn’t something I want to keep doing, but once next month’s coins are in, I’m gonna cancel the subscription.

Happily, I didn’t spend very much in the subsequent three days because it was my day off, then Hari Raya so I did my eating at houses I visited. Just spent RM6 on Thursday on lunch with my brother at my favourite kopitiam, and RM4.75 (RM2 tumbler discount) on a freshly brewed coffee at Starbucks on Sunday. So I just about balanced the extravagance of the first day and saved a few bucks along the way! (Imagine how much more I would have saved this week if I didn’t buy the game credits…)

As expected, I had to continue saying no to things I won’t have thought twice about before, like a new Artermis Fowl novel and various dinner outings with friends who probably don’t know about this project. It’s become a little bit easier to say not to unnecessary purchases, like daily afternoon snacks at work. In the long run, this is probably healthier as well.

There were a couple of purchases I decided to put off indefinitely until I get this financial situation sorted out. One of it resolved itself when my brother returned home with the packaging of the iPod Touch he gave me last year. My earphones were dying. There was a pair of the original iPod earphones in the box. Yay!

The other item I was coveting is the Black Rapid RS-W1. It’s a camera strap designed for women! There’s a curve that fits between the boobs instead of cutting across it like it isn’t there.

When I first saw it last month, I made the prudent decision to wait till the next paycheck. But the “next paycheck” coincided with NSS, so it’ll be a while before I get my mitts on this.

Nonetheless, I added it to my wish list, with an unsubtle reminder that my birthday is next month. ;-)

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