No Spend September – Week 3

Week 3: Sept 15-21, 2010

Budget: RM105 = RM15/day
Actual: RM86.90

I’m pleased to report that there wasn’t an epic fail this week. Maybe just a RM2 regret, but who’s counting?

The sandwich in the above photo is what my typical lunch looks like. It’s called the Special Giant Croissant Sandwich which I picked up from Delizze. It’s totally worth the money because it usually becomes two meals for me. The regular sandwich is RM4.50. The Giant is RM4.90. I thought I heard wrong when I first asked about it. It is stuffed with ham, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.

I usually eat half or 2/3 for lunch, and save the rest for the late afternoon hunger pangs. I ate the whole thing for lunch once and knew that I overdid it. It’s funny how I can’t remember the last time I was stuffed to the point of not being able to move.

The RM2 regret is in the background of the photo. The mini eclairs, also from Delizze. Pretty to look at, not too bad to mush around in your mouth. But once it disappears down your throat, it just… disappears. I don’t think I would have felt any different if I didn’t eat it.

Most food gives you some kind of feeling. Maybe a bit of sugar rush, peaking endorphins, feeling it sit in your tummy purring like a fed cat, feeling pleased that you made an excellent choice in dessert. But there was nothing. Just a bunch of calories that wasn’t worth the RM2. A can of Coke would have been worth the calories, and it costs 20 sen less.

Oh, I treat myself to a can of Coke maybe once a week but I’ve been much better at just drinking water lately. I thought I drank enough water before (and I still do compared to most people) but since I learned that hunger pangs are the same for food and water, it’s easier to just throw water into the hatch. Water is free. I used to buy big bottles of mineral water (RM2 each) when I’m looser with my budget but I just bring big bottles from home now.

Drinking more water also tells your body that it’s in no danger of dehydration, so it won’t retain so much water (causes bloating). When I find that article that talks about this, I’ll link it.

The other habit that changed is that I eat dinner at home more often. I could go for weeks without coming home for dinner, but I quite easily talked myself out of that this month. Again, eating mum’s cooking not only saves money, but it’s a lot healthier too, especially when my mum’s more health conscious than I am.

I was telling Shin Yi earlier that I miss pasta and sushi a little, but fortunately, it was just a passing realisation rather than a craving. I did treat myself to some KFC today.

Being able to keep my daily spending below RM15 is something I want to keep on doing.

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