10 Things I Did In 2010

  1. Became more than just another client at Studio 23. Became a fizfit assistant and came to really appreciate what a positive influence the place and people brought into my life.
  2. Shaved my head. Again.
  3. Was on TV twice, both for RTM1’s Kuppa Kopi. The first time was for an episode about reading and local authors, the second was about getting shaved again. Also shot a video for Go Bald.
  4. Saw my first Broadway musical, which also happens to be the first musical I was introduced to. I never did write a follow-up post about it. (Next year, I’m seeing The Lion King in Singapore!)
  5. Went back to school, and sat for two exam papers at the end of the first semester.
  6. Performed a drastic measure to get my finances under control. And to see if I could do it.
  7. Went on a holiday outside the country. Walked into and out of the craziest traffic I’ve ever seen. Swam in the ocean after a short display of being chickenshit.
  8. Went on another holiday in Langkawi & Penang with a backpacker we met in Vietnam. Took a chance on each other, but it worked out better than we hoped. Also took a flying leap off a cliff to go down a 60m zipline.
  9. Worked out and watch my eating harder than I ever did in my life. Pushed myself further physically, considering more running for exercise, and got infatuated with vegetarian food (of the non fake meat variety).
  10. Took more risks.

Author: Georgette Tan

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