Books – Jan-Feb 2011

Belle de Jour – Playing The Game Elizabeth Gilbert – Commited Yasutaka Tsutsui – The Maid Lian Hern – Heaven’s Net is Wide Thomas Randall – Dreams of the Dead Richard Lewis – Monster’s Proof Rick Yancey – The Monstrumologist Trinny & Susannah – What Your Clothes Say About You Peta Bee – Integrated Exercise Tatsuya Ishida –  Viva La Resistance Tatsuya Ishida – Sinfest Keith Thompson – Drawing & Painting

Infestation of Wabbits

I’m not really much of a person who goes all out to celebrate anything but I have an appropriate photo for the occasion so I’ll use it. People are going on about how the year of the Rabbit will be a better year, following the year of the Tiger that was not very kind to some people. I have no complaints. 2010/Tiger was a pretty good year for me, but