Flipflops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011 tickets giveaway

For covering one of the Flipflops Beach Festival Kuching 2011 pre-events, I was given tickets to the festival, which takes place April 15-16. Yep. Right over election weekend when none of us are likely to make it. So these set of tickets are free for anyone who will come collect it from me. Comment if you want it!

Books – March 2011

Ape House – Sara Gruen Exodus – Julie Bertagna Unclutter Your Life In One Week – Erin Rooney Doland The Cookie Book – Catherine Atkinson Detox Health-Plan Cookbook – Maggie Pannell First Cook Book – Bridget Jones I just noticed the author of the last cookbook. No shit. Bought in two batches, the cookbooks earlier in March and the rest yesterday. I went into MPH to look for Tim Ferris’s