Books – March 2011

Ape House – Sara Gruen
Exodus – Julie Bertagna
Unclutter Your Life In One Week – Erin Rooney Doland
The Cookie Book – Catherine Atkinson
Detox Health-Plan Cookbook – Maggie Pannell
First Cook Book – Bridget Jones

I just noticed the author of the last cookbook. No shit.

Bought in two batches, the cookbooks earlier in March and the rest yesterday.

I went into MPH to look for Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Week but found Unclutter Your Life instead, which I was looking for last year. Sometimes I buy books written by bloggers I follow even if I suspect I already know half of what they’re gonna say.

Ape House is by the author of Water for Elephants. Never did get that book but I loved the audiobook.

Exodus sounds like something I started writing last year.

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