Share-a-Gift at MPH

I just wanted to remind everyone that MPH’s Share-A-Gift Tree is up at the store.

For those of you who are not familiar, MPH sets up a Christmas tree in all their retail stores with gift tags for children from welfare homes like Salvation Army. The tag will tell you the name, gender and age of the recipient to help you choose a book for them.

I normally try to pick a teen boy because it’s hard to find books that would engage them, especially if you don’t know too much about YA literature.  But all the boys were below ten so I picked the oldest girl and got her my ‘Book of the Year’.

Why yes, I did make a crack about sparkly vampires. ;P

The drawback about this kind of gift-giving is that you have no idea if they enjoyed it or if they are even the reading type. But I do this every year because I consider this my personal social responsibility as a reader.

There’s still a lot of tags on that tree last I looked, so go on over to MPH an get someone a good book!

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