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Brown and gold and smiling with tongue

I know I said I was going to have a KNS Guide entry up a week ago but things got a little busy on my end. The good news is that my exams are over (yay!), I’m back at fizfit over at Studio 23, I’ve gotten most of my shit together and life is starting to become a pleasure again.

Regular programming will hopefully become regular. In the meantime, the lovely lady dog you see above is available for adoption. I visited the SSPCA this morning, and she and another beautiful dog (photo below) followed us around, saying hello to the puppies and even some of the cats!

They are both up for adoption. They might not be guard dog material but I’m sure they’ll make great companions. If you’ve been thinking of getting a dog, please please give these two a home. If I could, I’d take them myself. See more photos here.

Most of you know me as a cat person, but the dogs are gradually winning me over. This fella below was the one who scored a great win charming a cat person. But it died of heartworm before anyone managed to adopt him. Shit, I cried for days even if I only met him once. :(

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  1. I love dogs but Mama won’t let me have another dog cos Dad used to bring dogs back and in the end Mama has to take care of them. :D

    I hope they find good people to adopt them :)

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