A Lucky Black Cat

On Aug 26, I left home for a morning function at BCCK. My route took me past the large traffic lights where Jalan Foochow No 1 and Jalan Rengas emptied into Jalan Tun Razak. Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence that I ended up being the first in line at the lights to turn right, because I saw this: I didn’t know how it got there, an island of grass between

SSPCA Stray Dog Survey

It was fine weather for a cycling expedition. I collected my team member Cyn from her home, and we managed to get our two foldies to fit into the back seat of my Kancil. Although we picked bicycles as our mode of transportation, our survey began when we left her house in my car shortly before 7am. The reason why we didn’t start at her house was because it laid