PSA: Kite String Danger

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) to cyclists, motorcyclists, joggers, runners, (dog) walkers, and anyone in motion but not inside a vehicle:

Beware of kite strings.

I think it’s cool that kids are outside flying kites instead of being glued to an electronic device, but this means more snapped strings and more surprise encounters with kite strings for the rest of us. These things can fly on for miles before crash landing somewhere. It’s holiday season so stay alert – especially if you travel exposed outside a vehicle.

Carry scissors or a pencil knife with you. These strings are hard (if not impossible) to snap with your bare hands. If you come across any in your path, take a moment to get it off the street and dispose of it properly. You might save someone’s life.

Kite String Danger

This is the fourth one I removed from my neighbourhood in the last 6 months. It fell down diagonally across the street near my house – one end in a bush, the other end on the roof across the street, the rest of it lying across the road and over a neighbour’s car. It must have gone down about half an hour before I came home with the dog; it definitely wasn’t there when we left the house.

I wasn’t carrying a blade at the time but fortunately, my neighbour was outside and came with scissors to help me reel it in. The kite remains stuck to something on the roof but hopefully the string is now too short to stretch across a road should it break free and go else where.

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