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G-Shock on Zalora Malaysia

Zalora Malaysia approached me to highlight their G-Shock mini site.

Confession time: I have not worn a watch since I left secondary school in 1994. It would take too long to explain why I stopped and it’s never been a hugely crucial thing to own a watch since. I’ve met people who collect watches and celebrities who were paid to endorse them along the lines of how it’s an accessory to go with their outfit. I’ve never been big on accessories either so it wasn’t something I could relate to. I have a mobile phone; it tells me the time.

However there is no denying that some watches have me eyeing them up in ads. In the early days, there was the Baby-G, which everyone was crazy over. And in the more recent years, there’s the G-Shock.


Casio produced their first G-Shock in 1983 (I was 6 years old) but unsurprisingly, with no Internet or social media, we didn’t hear about it in Malaysia until I was well in secondary school. Over 30 years later, G-Shock is alive and well. Casio periodically releases limited editions, collaborative editions (with major brands, mainly fashion houses).

What does the ‘G’ in ‘G-Shock’ stand for? Gravity. Or Gorjirra. I always joked that if I ever get a watch again, it’ll probably be this one because I’m very good at un-proofing things that that claim to be anything-proof through normal wear and tear. Clearly, I sweat acid. Goodbye, smudgeproof waterproof eyeliner.

The G-Shock is known for being able to put up with your shit, so it’s probably a sound choice if you like being in the wild or you’re simply that person who drop things or knock stuff over all the time. The watches are known for their high level of shock resistance, and they’re made for both men and women. For those of you keeping track, the G-Shock has a built-in stopwatch.

Of course in reading up all of this, I took a peek at the price tag. It seems like quite an investment, but as I noted earlier, these guys have been around a long time and it is probably worth the investment. Hmm, lemme think about it a bit more and maybe I’ll start wearing watches again…

Check them out at G-Shock Malaysia, on Zalora.

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