Drooling Cat

Tried to photograph this old drooling cat at Tebingan BGS after the Urban Sketchers Kuching sketchwalk at Kampung Boyan only to find that Peggy accidentally switched my camera phone to burst mode. Got a series of photos instead.

How to stop Facebook game invites/requests

Every now and then, someone in your newsfeed will put up a plea or threat for friends to stop sending game requests or invites. I got news for you: the person you’re aiming it to is too busy playing games to notice. In fact, putting a stop to this is in your hands and it doesn’t involve unfriending people (unless you’re looking for an excuse to, then by all means

Poetry – A New Beginning

Originally posted on Wordsmiths of Kuching on Facebook. The first time many of us in Kuching ever heard of performance poetry / spoken word was in 2006 when the British Council brought a poet named Francesca Beard to Kuching, when gigs with amateur bands were starting to get popular. Somehow or another, I was handed the task of tracking down the local writers and poets, and have them come read

Time Twins – The Search for 1 December 1974

It was quite a coincidence that that I read about Richard Avis and his Time Twin project somewhere online days before his email and press release landed in our office inbox while I was on duty. He was coming to Kuching. I had a brief email exchange with him about arranging an interview while he was here and sent the press release in. If you missed the story, Richard is