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Dear Skinny Girl – An Angry Fat Girl Poem

An early version was read at ‘Strong Words’ in December 2013. This one went through some edits. The text for this new version is at the bottom of this post.

Performed at Shades of Art X on Aug 2.

Text under the cut.


A letter to every skinny girl who likes
complaining to me about how fat she is

Dear Skinny Girl

What the appropriate response from
someone twice your size
Who would kill to be as thin as you

I am that rhino running on a treadmill
Towards a poster of a unicorn on the wall
Getting nowhere fast because
As far as science is concerned
It is more plausible for a rhino to be on a treadmill
Than for that rhino to look like
Something that doesn’t exist

If you’re fishing for a compliment
you’re doing it at the wrong pond
I am the swelling river that runs
under the bridge that says “No Fishing”
And if you try, you are breaking my law
And I’m putting you in my poem

You fit into anything off the rack anywhere
And your biggest problem is
an abundance of choice
So many options, not enough wardrobe space
You can turn people’s heads without trying
Coz you fit into the person-shaped hole
Of their dreams

Dear Skinny Girl

When you tell me that you are fat
There is more going on here than
your pants feeling tight after a chocolate brownie
I’ve not had a day when the bottom of my breasts
don’t touch the top of my tummy roll when I sit down
(And sometimes when I’m standing up)
I don’t know how it feels to run, and dance, and jump
Without being reminded that big objects
shouldn’t leave the ground
Let’s see you sit down and
Make a belly button sandwich
With your nipples

I have played the Hunger Games
And in my version
we’re fighting not to kill ourselves
You don’t belong here
Tribute from District XXS
This is not your battle
Go pick on someone your own size

I am a big girl in an Asian size world
They don’t know what to do with so much fabric
So they splash it with loud patterns
Hoping to distract you from the galleon
Hoisting those sails
I sail my ship into the rocks
Every night, because there is no safe harbour
Only more storms

Dear Skinny Girl,

Go home
Look in the mirror
You are more than just your body
I am more than just this vessel
We, are more
than what anchors us
to this world

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Author: Georgette Tan

writer . poet . introvert . NSFW hand letterer . equatorial eclectic


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