No Spend September 2015 – Week 4

Week 4: Sept 22-28, 2015 Expenditure: RM325.10 My week’s expenditure was just about average and according to the pattern of my last three weeks, if you ignore the big chunk of unexpected spending due to an incident… proving that you should have money set aside for emergencies. It also makes a more interesting story for this week’s entry because me moaning about being a budgeting failure is getting old. I did groceries.

No Spend September 2015 – Week 3

Condiment cupboard. #food #foodporn A photo posted by Georgette Tan (@georgettetan) on Sep 25, 2015 at 11:33pm PDT Week 3: Sept 15-21, 2015 Balance: RM55.10 Expenditure: RM262.25 I’ve neglected updating because I was really not in the mood to blog. Now nearly two weeks is over; I have one more day tomorrow before I come to the end of Week 4. What can I say about Week 3? To say

No Spend September 2015 – Week 2

Week 2: Sept 8-14, 2015 Budget: RM287.80 Actual: RM232.70 The last two weeks proved my suspicion correct – a budget of RM510 which included groceries was delusional at best. I know now that I made a bad miscalculation that didn’t include the increased cost of living, GST or the fact that I now live on my own and don’t mooch meals (the bulk of the groceries) from the parents. If

No Spend September 2015 – Week 1

Week 1: Sept 1-7, 2015 Budget: RM119 = RM17/day Actual: RM222.20 Living on RM17/day might have be far too optimistic. I forgot to add GST to the amount. Went waaaay over the weekly budget. I decided to go easy on myself the first week. By “going easy”, I was still recording every cent spent and making conscious decisions. To some extent, it is working. This means no overpriced designer coffee just because

No Spend September 2015

Now seems like a good time to kick off No Spend Month, after a long hiatus from the blog and an even longer hiatus from the project. I guess I was pretty comfortable financially after my first attempt in 2010. I found something that worked and saw my savings crawl upwards. But it’s a new life now and the old methods don’t work any more. I looked at my bank accounts