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Returning to an old addiction

Days without Facebook: 25
Books read: 13 (+6 since last update)
Poems edited: 3 (no change)

Sweet Potato the dog welcoming Jinx the cat.
Sweet Potato the dog welcoming Jinx the cat.

We’re still looking for a home for Jinx, our most recent rescue. For the full story, see the FB post embedded below. The most recent update Gena gave me was that Jinx escaped her cage and was found following Sweet Potato around. So we know she’s totally okay with dogs as long as they are okay with her. Contact me via the email in the side panel if you are interested in adopting her!

Meanwhile, I’ve been swimming in books. Look at my couch. This is supposed to be temporary while I reorganise by bookshelves, but what reason do I have to ever leave the couch again?

Not leaving the couch ever.

But that’s not the full extent of my book problems. I discovered that the National Library of Malaysia is linked to Overdrive, which means you can register for membership online and borrow audiobooks, ebooks and videos from the library. I borrowed Stephen King’s Night Shift on ebook, Kathy Reichs’ Devil Bones on audiobook, and later Grumpy Cat on ebook. Check out my review on the Grumpy Cat book:


Initially I downloaded the first two books on my iPhone, which is perfect for listening to when I’m out walking the dog or driving, but shit to read from on that little screen. Now the ebooks live on my iPad, together with the Kindle and Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) apps. Which leads to my next problem – a site called NetGalley.

NetGalley links publishers to reviewers, providing digital ARCs in exchange for honest reviews. This is where bloggers, reviewers, teachers, librarians, and those in the relevant consumer group can get an early look, enabling them to write reviews for their respective platforms or pre-order for classrooms, libraries or book stores. Books are handed out in various digital forms, which is why I now have both Kindle and ADE.

Sounds like a dream if you’re a reader, right?

I found that there’s two categories of books – the super new ones that are months or almost a year from its release date; and the ones available ‘Right Now’ and have probably been recently published. I got rejected for an upcoming book, probably because I’m a relative unknown in the present industry.How useful would this have been when I reviewed books for work??

Some of these books are also ‘region-locked’, which means they indicate a preference in where they want their reviewers from. If you live here, you know where that leaves reviewers from an unheard-of country in Asia.

However, the ‘Right Now’ category seems more flexible. I scored a copy of Michael Faudet’s Dirty Pretty Things last night, and spent the rest of the night and morning trying to figure out how to get it on my ADE app. Success!

This means I better get back to reading…

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