The Little Hitchhiker

I had a peculiar experience on Dec 30, 2020 that I want to put down somewhere for reference.

Woke up with a slight pinch on top of my right Achilles tendon. I don’t remember if I went to sleep with the last night before or just acquired it that morning. Nothing painful or debilitating; I’m at an age and fitness level where such things are not unusual. Took the dog out as usual and forgot about the pinch although it lingered.

Walked a short distance and my right shoelace came undone. Stopped to re-tie it. Walked a bit more, not even very far. Shoelace came undone again. Thought I didn’t do a good job the first time. Re-tied it. Walked on.

Shoelace came undone again. Now I’m starting to suspect something was up. Stopped to re-tie it, making sure to pull it tighter this time. Resumed walkies.

Shoelace loosened and sat in a very loose knot. I re-tied it while the dog and I were waiting to cross the road, making sure I was doing it properly. We crossed the road.

Shoelace loosened again when we were on the other side of the road.

“Very funny but that’s enough,” I said aloud. “Leave my shoe alone.”

Two things happened instantly and simultaneously:

  1. The pinch on my Achilles tendon vanished.
  2. The dog jumped as though startled, raised her right foreleg, and started licking the spot that corresponded with where my Achilles tendon is.

“And don’t bother the dog!” I added.

Dog fussed with her leg for a bit while I re-tied my right shoelace for the fifth time. I kept an eye on her for the rest of the walk but she showed no discomfort.

My shoelace stayed tied for the rest of the walk.

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