A Gallery of Car Plates Lost in a Flash Flood

This week, I learned that newer cars have their car plates stuck on with double tape. This is an utter ripoff, if you want my opinion, because this happens:

(Photo from Uni Garden WhatsApp Group.)

On Friday morning, we were met with flash floods after a night of solid downpour.

Canine Drains Inspector Girlie Tan surveys the swollen drains to assess the danger of it overflowing into our main street.

While my immediate neighbourhood was fine, parts of our surrounding areas were under about a foot of water or more, including the UniVista neighbourhood which is currently under EMCO following a COVID-19 outbreak. In some parts of Kuching, it was chest-deep.

After our neighbour mentioned losing his car plates and another neighbour sharing photos of found plates, I made it a point to go plate-hunting with the dog during our evening walk, after the waters receded. This was what we found.

I doubt if there are still there by the time you read this, but I am heartened to learn that people do collect them and lay them out somewhere central in case owners come looking. If you passed through the flooded main Jalan Uni Garden, you may find your plates leaning on the curb along the main road in front of Golden Dragon, or at the Lorong Uni Garden 2 signboard.

(Photo from Uni Garden WhatsApp Group.)

Here’s another collection from an unknown location in Matang:

(Photo from Uni Garden WhatsApp Group.)

What happened to needing a screwdriver to take your car plates off?

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