Hello 2023

Hello 2023


I hate it when people text me that word and stop there. I’d look at it, and go back to what I was doing while waiting for them to state their business. If they do not, their “hi” get buried below the scores of other messages I get in a day. I forget their message even arrived.

A woman sits in front of an open laptop. She is looking at her phone.
Don’t “hi” me and leave me. (Photo by Anna Shvets | Pexel)

It was hard to ignore when 2023 arrived. The dog cowered in misery under my desk while our neighbourhood erupted in fireworks.

While I’m not the new year’s resolution type, 2023 feels like a clean slate. Last year felt like I was trying to reacquaint myself with being out of the house and among other people again. The pandemic changed the way I look at things. I lost the desire to go further than my immediate neighbourhood market. I gained bad habits such as ordering Grab Food far too often.

But last year also brought an unexpected opportunity. I joined a TV show, bringing on board my experience in crafting stories, storyboarding and writing scripts. While I was officially billed as a producer, our small core team meant that it was all hands on deck. This was fine with me. I enjoy trying everything out, and there was great satisfaction in a clean floor, although next time we’d have production assistants for details like that. More stories in good time. We are not finished yet.

There are many things I want to achieve or get started this year:

  • Update my website
  • Finish editing Bahagia Park and get a publishing process going
  • Finish a Storium project I’m co-writing with a friend
  • Learn how to run games for my all-women TTRPG group
  • Read more books
  • Read more tarot and Lenormand
  • Release some of the stuff in storage
  • Blog more
  • Produce more podcast episodes

Having a few key goals listed down gives me a sense of direction, because it’s so easy for me to fall back into the days of “pandemic brain”. Like a message in the middle of the day – “hi” – quickly forgotten from the lack of follow through.

(Post for Bring Back Blogging – January 2023)

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