The January 2023 Review

A pile of calendars and a pencil. The text says "The January Review".

My January was a contrast between fairly social and somewhat reclusive.


It was quiet on the work front. If the week between Christmas and New Year is a “lost” week, meet the weeks between New Year and a Chinese New Year celebration that fell in January.

Much of 2022 was pre-production for a TV show, in which I am a producer. We are currently in post-production, and I’m not needed full-time, leaving me with a lot of time to myself. You’d think this is the time I’d get started on other things (*cough* novel), but no – it was essential time for resting and getting bored.


My family are not big on celebrating the festive seasons, and both the dog and I are not big on fireworks. We had our usual reunion dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. I received an angpow from them because in our culture, pocket money is an adequate consolation prize to not having a spouse. I visited two close friends, spending the entire afternoon at the home of the second because all her visitors were also my mutual friends. Great time catching up. Quality over quantity. The dog spent most nights hunkered down under my bed in her new firework bunker. I have an upcoming post about this.

Digital Migration

I’m in the midst of migrating my passwords from LastPass to BitWarden, and my notes from Evernote to Obsidian.

I’ve been subscribing to LastPass for maybe 2 years and their recent security issue meant that people on Mastodon were sharing alternatives. BitWarden caught my eye, not only because it’s open source, but because on a free account, I’m able to use it across all my devices.

I didn’t realise Evernote was going through some issues as well since I barely use it anymore, but I did have notes that I want to transfer out to another app that supports syncing across devices for little to no money. Obsidian has a clean layout and a workaround that allows me to use it on several devices.


I kicked off a series of intro games for writers from Nanowrimo Malaysia, with some help from a local Storium friend. The new players did wonderfully, and I hope they’ll stay. We also started the new Nevermore (yes, the Netflix Wednesday one) game, which takes place in 1998 and featured the staff rather than the students. This one didn’t even require an open submission. We recruited a full cast on Slack.


I’ve been reading tarot for a few years but I’ve not spoken about it here. I’ll make a proper post about it one of these days, but true to my nature, I’ve gathered several tarot readers I could find in Kuching and had a get-together. It’s a small niche community, which is my speciality. We had one meet-up in December and another one in January, simply because Andrea was back for the festive season. We added a couple of new faces and reconnected with some old friends, and it was a good time!

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