The March-July 2023 Review

A pile of calendars and a pencil. The text says "The March-July Review".

I started writing a March review, but that subsequent quarter completely derailed with work and personal matters. I’ll write what I remember.

Digital Migrations

I‘m coming close to completing completed my password migration out of LastPass and to BitWarden. As if the breach wasn’t bad enough, they were hit with another security incident. Someone is trying real hard to get a bunch of passwords, likely not mine, and I don’t want to hang around for the next round of breaches. LastPass is now in the past.

The other digital migration I had to do in April was this entire website. Of course, I waited till the last minute – IPserverone was up for renewal but they are also terminating the service I’m on at the end of this year. There is no refund or discount for months that are not used, and I cannot afford to pay for services that I will not receive.

I moved to Shinjuru. They were very helpful and walked me through a few hurdles that I didn’t know were there. My domain was still registered to the friend who helped me sign up years ago, and I couldn’t even remember his name offhand. Thank goodness for an extensive network. We reconnected and I owe him coffee.

I have yet to finalise migrating out of Evernote. I tried several others and thought I would settle on Obsidian. But I had a syncing mishap that resulted in me losing an entire page of work, so my trust has yet to return.


There was a lot of unplanned post-production with with the TV show that sprawled over the second quarter, but I’m happy to say that the show is a wrap now and out of our hands.

A joint pitch earlier in the year didn’t pan out to anything, but I was approached by some work contacts about a surprisingly similar job, which I was happy to accept because I have worked with that organisation before, and it is a step-up in job scope. Instead of being just a writer, I’m the editor. I have the skill set for it and am excited about the opportunity to try it out.

This would cover me until the end of September, so I’ll be available for new projects October onwards!


Over the past two weeks, I got to play Blades in the Dark with the Aunties, and Tiny Dungeon with a group I’ve never played with before. The world of Blades is fascinating, but there’s a lot to grasp. We have another session planned – for some reason, part of the team was always missing. For the original session, I was one of those missing due to a family crisis.

Tiny Dungeon was easier to grasp and the group was fun. I adore getting to play a treefolk, and we want to do this again as a group.

Other Games

I have stopped playing two of my mainstays – Shop Titan and Storium. I didn’t have the space for them during the family crisis in June. With Shop Titan, I simply stopped logging in. I’ve been wanting to leave the game for a while, but habit kept me going back to do the minimum. It’s actually rather nice to stop doing that. The game kinda lost its appeal a long time ago, and I was only keeping the guild open for the newer players.

With Storium, I didn’t have a lot of active games running. It’s summer, so the place is partially comatose anyway. I don’t feel like I’m missing much. I took a break from the new big game, handed over one game to another narrator, and told one game that I’ll be closing it by a certain date whether or not they made their closing move. Anyway, “Home. Where?” is my first and only completed game that I narrated. I’m proud of the concept and format, and the players who made it possible.

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