Pelikan Hub Kuching 2023

I agreed to take on the role of Hub Master for this year’s Pelikan Hub.

If this event is unfamiliar to you, it is an annual international meet-up organised by Pelikan every 22 September, and facilitated by Hub Masters in participating cities. You need 7 sign-ups before a city is confirmed. This is the third or fourth year Kuching is a hub, and my first time as Hub Master.

An envelope with the words "To the Hub Master" visible.

Sign-ups this year kicked of really early. There was a “save the date” aka pre-sign-up, followed by the actual sign-up that was only available to those who registered interest early. There were some unhappy noises from those who missed the “save the date”. Given that 2022’s participation was through the roof, I think this is a way of crowd control.

When spreading the word, we’ve always had to explain a number of things to other fountain pen users.

No, you don’t have to be a Pelikan user. But you inevidebly end up being one because they usually give out their Ink of the Year during these hubs and you end up using it if that’s your first pot of Pelikan ink.

No, you don’t have to be a massive fountain pen nerd. There certainly are regulars in our group who know their fountain pens and own very fancy ones, but I’m happy with my small collection of affordable pens. Gets the job done. Never mind I barely use them because I’m on the computer most of the time.

Is it too late to join? No. You don’t get the goodies that Pelikan sent (it has arrived for our 15 registered hubbers), but you’re still welcome to join an evening of fellowship with other fountain pen users. We are always happy to get your fingers inky.

The best way to reach us is either through our Facebook group Fountain Pen Kuching, or my email in the main sidebar. I probably won’t book a place until early next month, so there’s time.

Here’s to a great Hub!

A group of people behind a banner that says Pelikan Hub 2022. They are all smiling. Some are flashing V fingers.
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