[Review] Rainforest World Music Festival – 20 Years of Song and Rhythm in Sarawak

I wrote this review last year for The Borneo Post but the article was published with all traces of its reviewer removed. I was so traumatised, I filed it under “selective amnesia”. Here is my unedited copy, which I found this week sorting my folder. ‘Rainforest World Music Festival – 20 Years of Song and Rhythm in Sarawak’ contains all you need to know about Sarawak’s internationally acclaimed music festival

Love and Related Magick

It’s been pointed out to me that I have great friends. This I know is true. I have friends that go back a long way. I have friends who are fairly recent. I have friends whom I don’t see much but we can always pick up where we left off. I have friends with shared interests or circumstances. I have friends with whom I feel a deep connection with. I

[Review] Taboo: Poems – Melizarani T Selva

Stars: 4/5 tl;dr: A glimpse into Malaysia via the goggles of one of its most recognisable spoken word poets. After reading so much garbage poetry books that seem to be the one making all the money, Melizarani is refreshing to the fellow spoken poet’s soul. This book peels back the layers around the world of a Malaysian Indian woman with both keen word-fu and an unapologetic candidness. Her pieces about

[Review] Flower Chimp does Kuching

Back a few year ago, I started getting myself flowers once a week to cheer myself up from having to deal with a nightmare of a toxic and thankfully former colleague. I’m not sure why I stopped. The florist I usually go to moved and it was a break in routine that stopped my flower habit. By then, I guess I didn’t need the extra reassurance and I was sure

[Review] The Body Reader – Anne Frasier

This digital copy of The Body Reader by Anna Frasier was courtesy of NetGalley. Stars: 4/5 tl;dr: Fast paced, compelling psychological thriller. This was pretty damn hard to put down. Detective Jude Fontaine escaped a 3-year captivity after overpowering her captor and making a run for it. But she was not the same person anymore. Everything about her and her life before she was kidnapped has changed – she was