Pantun Wajib – A Poem (with translations)

‘Pantun Wajib’ means ‘Compulsory Poem’, in reference to the tradition of concluding speeches with pantun. If you’re unfamiliar with the term or form, a pantun is somewhat like a ruba’i but with an ABAB rhyming scheme. I’ve always wanted to write some when I find an appropriate subject matter, then I realised that there’s plenty of things to make fun off in a typical work day. I decided it would

Don’t Want An Ending

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider are my YouTube heroes. After dozens of reinterpretations of popular hits and watching Sam sing with six other copies of himself, here’s their first original song!

The edge of my emotions

This is what I’m listening to on infinite loop this weekend. And since I’m a pop culture retard, I only gathered who all the people in the video are based on comments here and there. :P I also heart the dorky cute guy look. Lyrics under the cut.