Skinny Girl – A Poem

Performed at the launch of ‘Strong Words’, a typographical exhibition organised by Lov Gallery. A letter to every skinny girl who likes complaining to me about how fat she is: Dear Skinny Girl What the appropriate response from someone twice your size Who would kill to be as thin as you You are the unicorn This rhino aspires to be You weigh 45 kilos soaking wet I haven’t been 45

SSPCA Stray Dog Survey

It was fine weather for a cycling expedition. I collected my team member Cyn from her home, and we managed to get our two foldies to fit into the back seat of my Kancil. Although we picked bicycles as our mode of transportation, our survey began when we left her house in my car shortly before 7am. The reason why we didn’t start at her house was because it laid

Go Bald 3 – Hope

My article on Wednesday was not exactly the version that I submitted. Call me biased, but I liked my original better. Here is it. KUCHING: Equator Media creative director Alwyn Tay could not put his finger on what felt wrong about the production of Go Bald’s video ‘Hope’. In an exclusive interview with The Borneo Post, Tay said he had a few sleepless nights before he figured out the problem.

Flipflops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011 tickets giveaway

For covering one of the Flipflops Beach Festival Kuching 2011 pre-events, I was given tickets to the festival, which takes place April 15-16. Yep. Right over election weekend when none of us are likely to make it. So these set of tickets are free for anyone who will come collect it from me. Comment if you want it!

Infestation of Wabbits

I’m not really much of a person who goes all out to celebrate anything but I have an appropriate photo for the occasion so I’ll use it. People are going on about how the year of the Rabbit will be a better year, following the year of the Tiger that was not very kind to some people. I have no complaints. 2010/Tiger was a pretty good year for me, but