Time Twins – The Search for 1 December 1974

It was quite a coincidence that that I read about Richard Avis and his Time Twin project somewhere online days before his email and press release landed in our office inbox while I was on duty. He was coming to Kuching. I had a brief email exchange with him about arranging an interview while he was here and sent the press release in. If you missed the story, Richard is

Good Dog, Bad Dog

Good Good Dog, Bad Dog Georgette Tan Dog, Bad Dog Georgette Tan (Note: The article that got published in thesundaypost was completely rewritten. It was just as well that I didn’t get a byline because that wasn’t the article I wrote. This is.) SANTUBONG: The sound of a dog’s wet snarling with a human arm clenched between its teeth is something that will turn most people’s blood cold. That nightmarish

Vancouver 2010

Seriously folks, how adorable can you get? The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic mascots are three whimsical beasties – Sumi the Thunderbird, Quatchi the Sasquatch, and Miga the Sea Bear. I couldn’t stop giggling for a full minute. Especially at the sasquatch with the blue earmuffs and the tattoo on his arm. Meet them here!

Bel Canto video clips

My write-up on Bel Canto’s “A Night at the Movies” is in PostMag today yesterday. PostMag is still not online so I’m not going to bother linking. Since I have video clips from the night and I need a reason to update the blog this week, here’s a look at what you missed. Bel Canto – As Time Goes By Bel Canto – Into The West Bel Canto – Les