[Review] Flower Chimp does Kuching

Back a few year ago, I started getting myself flowers once a week to cheer myself up from having to deal with a nightmare of a toxic and thankfully former colleague. I’m not sure why I stopped. The florist I usually go to moved and it was a break in routine that stopped my flower habit. By then, I guess I didn’t need the extra reassurance and I was sure

How to search for old items on your Facebook timeline

One of the greatest pain in every Facebook user’s ass is the inability to quickly search for something you posted before, whether it was a status, link, photo or something someone said in one of the replies. I had that problem earlier tonight and remembered seeing something somewhere that I never tried… BINGO!  I found my post through a search feature tucked away some place that wasn’t immediately visible, and I’m

How to stop Facebook game invites/requests

Every now and then, someone in your newsfeed will put up a plea or threat for friends to stop sending game requests or invites. I got news for you: the person you’re aiming it to is too busy playing games to notice. In fact, putting a stop to this is in your hands and it doesn’t involve unfriending people (unless you’re looking for an excuse to, then by all means

G-Shock on Zalora Malaysia

Disclaimer: Zalora Malaysia approached me to highlight their G-Shock mini site. Confession time: I have not worn a watch since I left secondary school in 1994. It would take too long to explain why I stopped and it’s never been a hugely crucial thing to own a watch since. I’ve met people who collect watches and celebrities who were paid to endorse them along the lines of how it’s an

[Review] 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts (eBook)

“I don’t think it’s fair that She offloaded this reviewing gig to us,” Sparky complained. Enigma was scrolling through the eBook, paw on the track pad. “How ARE we supposed to review this? It’s not even the kind of book you have to read from front to back.” Sparky peered at the screen with his beady little eyes. “1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas for Blogs, Scripts, Stories and More, by Bryan