[Review] Flower Chimp does Kuching

Back a few year ago, I started getting myself flowers once a week to cheer myself up from having to deal with a nightmare of a toxic and thankfully former colleague. I’m not sure why I stopped. The florist I usually go to moved and it was a break in routine that stopped my flower habit. By then, I guess I didn’t need the extra reassurance and I was sure

I can has servizes

I’ve gotten reports that my blog’s been redirecting to some ad site. I’m not sure which ad widget’s causing it, but I’ve taken the ads out of the sidebar until I have time to resolve it. If you have a good adblock installed, you probably were not affected. And now, to the point of this post. My dad and I laughed ourselves silly after we deciphered what they were really

Malaysian Indie Music 101

I’m away on a work trip from 25 Aug – 1 Sept. This is a scheduled post. When hanging out with the 5 bloggers during the DiGi Fu-yoh event and reading their posts after, I realised one thing: a lot of locals are still going “Who’s this? Who’s that? Never heard of them.” Alamak. Without further ado, here’s a list of local musicians that you really should check out. This