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[Review] The Rose (The Red #2) – Tiffany Reisz

Stars: 5/5tl;dr: I’m normally not a romance novel person, but this one knocks my socks off. Romance isn’t one of my usual genres because it falls into the usual (albeit addictive) formulas that isn’t mean to reflect real life. Okay, fine … nobody reads romance because it reminds them of real life. I didn’t read …

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[Review] Blissful Land – Ichimon Izumi

Stars: 4/5tl;dr: A wholesome, cute manga about a young apprentice doctor in a Tibetan village, who finds out he is engaged. Hijinks does NOT ensue. Blissful Land is an adorable story about 13 year old doctor-in-training Khang Zhipa, who lives in a small mountain community somewhere in Tibet. He is dedicated to his future vocation …

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[Review] Rainforest World Music Festival – 20 Years of Song and Rhythm in Sarawak

I wrote this review last year for The Borneo Post but the article was published with all traces of its reviewer removed. I was so traumatised, I filed it under “selective amnesia”. Here is my unedited copy, which I found this week sorting my folder. ‘Rainforest World Music Festival – 20 Years of Song and …

books, reviews

[Review] Taboo: Poems – Melizarani T Selva

Stars: 4/5 tl;dr: A glimpse into Malaysia via the goggles of one of its most recognisable spoken word poets. After reading so much garbage poetry books that seem to be the one making all the money, Melizarani is refreshing to the fellow spoken poet’s soul. This book peels back the layers around the world of …

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