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Saving Yoda the Cat

Yoda is one of those rescue success stories that I’ve had the privilege to observe from Day 1. His progress was updated on my Facebook profile over the months of recovery but I wanted to put the whole story in one place so one of those stupid clickbait sites can steal it, pretend it’s their …


A Lucky Black Cat

On Aug 26, I left home for a morning function at BCCK. My route took me past the large traffic lights where Jalan Foochow No 1 and Jalan Rengas emptied into Jalan Tun Razak. Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence that I ended up being the first in line at the lights to turn right, because …


Not a care in the world

Resident spoilt brat snoozing on the counter of a grocery shop somewhere on Gambier Street.


Kittehs looking for good homes!

EDIT: All the cats have been claimed! My friend Rin have been fostering a litter of kittens and now they are old enough to be adopted! So there are 4 kittens (about 3 months old) and 1 grown cat looking for good homes. Potential cat parents should note the following: The kittens have been dewormed …


Garden variety kittehs

Came home today and found the neighbour’s young cats busy exploring my back yard. I shot this through the grill, but the two were fearless and didn’t mind that I was there. the one in the first photo below was right on the other side of the grill from me. I guess they figured the …