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Toyota Quest For The Fuel Efficient Engine

Toyota decided on a fantasy-themed game and contest to promote their latest campaign – The Toyota Quest For the Fuel-Efficient Engine. When I saw their ad on rotation in my sidebar, I thought Advertlets is helping plug with a new Malaysian or Singapore fantasy MMORPG (as implausible as that sounds). Hopefully one with an English …


A Short Update

Swinburne Sarawak’s Photomedia & Design Club is hosting the Amnesty International Film Festival. For more information, please go here. Still abstaining from buying books, but then again, I have Neverwinter Nights to keep me busy. Very, very busy. Here’s my character at the start of Chapter 3, after having some new weapons made by the …


Mah gamez, let me show u dem

Remember when you guys thought I should have just gone ahead and bought Fate instead of dicking around with WildCoins? I’m glad that I didn’t listen to you. I finished it later two games later, and have moved on to other games. Didn’t even finish my WildCoins, but I’ve found other places to spend those. …


Tempting Fate

I’ve gotten around the playing Fate again. It’s a 3D slash-and-hack RPG, similar to Diablo. I stumbled upon it a couple of years back, played and got hooked, but didn’t finish because I am easily distracted. While sorting out my back-up CDs, I found it again and decided to reinstall and play. The one I …

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