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Pyramids, ancient civilisations and weight-lifting with music

As much as I’d like to blog in length about tonight’s very absorbing coffee session, I have DUN to cover first thing in the morning. This is Dr Semir Osmanagic, or Dr Sam for short. He discovered the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. The topic went from archaeology to ancient civilisations to Atlantis and aliens. Overall a …


Bosnia & Tourism

When people mention Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s hard to shake off the image most people my age have imprinted in our heads – The Bosnian War. After the war ended in 1995, there would be the usual post-war reports and then not much at all. No news is usually good news, and the good news …


Coffee with an Ambassador

The bloggers of Kuching were given a virtually unheard-of opportunity to sit down with His Excellency Ensar Eminovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ambassador to Malaysia, the night before he was due to hold a press conference with the local media. Yes, I was there, although I was nearly late due to an article that proved hard to …