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No Spend September – Week 4

Week 3: Sept 22-30, 2010 Budget: RM135 = RM15/day Actual: RM138.65 I need to point out that this is a 9-day ‘week’ because there’s two days leftover and I originally decided to take a break early in the week but decided that won’t be fair because the total funds allocated include all 30 days. The photo …


No Spend September – Week 3

Week 3: Sept 15-21, 2010 Budget: RM105 = RM15/day Actual: RM86.90 I’m pleased to report that there wasn’t an epic fail this week. Maybe just a RM2 regret, but who’s counting? The sandwich in the above photo is what my typical lunch looks like. It’s called the Special Giant Croissant Sandwich which I picked up …


No Spend September – Week 2

Week 2: Sept 8-14, 2010 Budget: RM105 = RM15/day Actual: RM92.70 Remember how I said I’m good at thoughtlessly spending on entertainment? Yup. In the middle of a game trance on the first day of the second week, I went and bought a casual pack at RM31. Yes, I enjoyed the game I was playing. …


No Spend September – Week 1

Week 1: Sept 1-7, 2010 Budget: RM105 = RM15/day Actual: RM105.85 Let me start my No Spend September (NSS) updates with my epic fail of the week. A McValue meal comes at the lovely price tag of RM12 something. I’m gonna round it off at RM13. And then I ordered the Groovy Lime Sunday, which …


No Spend September

Coming across No Spend Month over at Small Notebook was timely. I thought I was doing pretty well getting my spending and saving under control but I fell off the wagon big time the last couple of months. I’m going to Hanoi and KL in October, and I’m still paying off my credit card bills …

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