[Review] Dirty Pretty Things – Michael Faudet

I acquired this digital copy of Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet via NetGalley. Stars: 2/5 tl;dr: Read this book if you “don’t like, don’t read” poetry. For some reason, I was disproportionately excited about finally getting a copy of Faudet’s poetry book. Perhaps it’s because I’ve read and liked Lang Leav’s Love & Misadventure, and because the nature of their relationship resulted in the expected cross-promotion on my newsfeed.

[Poetry] Rats

I’m posting some of my shorter standalone pieces or excerpts on my Instagram account. A photo posted by Georgette Tan (@georgettetan) on May 19, 2016 at 5:40am PDT

Poetry – A New Beginning

Originally posted on Wordsmiths of Kuching on Facebook. The first time many of us in Kuching ever heard of performance poetry / spoken word was in 2006 when the British Council brought a poet named Francesca Beard to Kuching, when gigs with amateur bands were starting to get popular. Somehow or another, I was handed the task of tracking down the local writers and poets, and have them come read

Pantun Wajib – A Poem (with translations)

‘Pantun Wajib’ means ‘Compulsory Poem’, in reference to the tradition of concluding speeches with pantun. If you’re unfamiliar with the term or form, a pantun is somewhat like a ruba’i but with an ABAB rhyming scheme. I’ve always wanted to write some when I find an appropriate subject matter, then I realised that there’s plenty of things to make fun off in a typical work day. I decided it would